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The sailing was never so easy and fun!
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Blokart sailing school was grounded in the Curonian Spit, Lithuania in 2007.

You are welcome to take Blokarting lessons, blokart by yourself and even compete with the others!

Mostly we sail on an unused asphalt airfield in Nida, in the autumn/spring time on the Baltic sea beach and during the winter - on the ICE, of course!

blokart ice Our qualified instructors will show you how simple is to handle a blokart. After a few minutes you will be able to manoeuvre the blokart by yourself and will chase the wind with a smile over all your face!

Blokart landsailer rent prices:
15 min. - 7 Eur
30 min. - 12 Eur
60 min. - 18 Eur
1 Day - 70 Eur (100 Eur deposit required)

Ice-Blokart rent prices:
15 min. - 10 Eur
30 min. - 16 Eur
60 min. - 24 Eur
1 Day - 90 Eur (100 Eur deposit required)

Blokarting is an ideal activity for corporate events! Irklakojis EVENTS department will professionally organize an unforgettable event for your company. Our trainings and seminars are aimed to subtly cohere with the unique heritage and picturesque nature of our country and are polarized at the enhancement of the human resources quality.

Let the wind blow!

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