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7 day Ice-Blokarting Raid in Päijänne, Finland
6th-12th of March, 2017

We invite 5 blokarters to join this ice-blokart-raid.

Finland with it‘s unique water system is a paradise for Ice-blokarting!

Lake Päijänne, Finland's second largest lake covers a total area of 1090 km². It is 120 km long and up to 30 km wide. There is a Päijänne National Park, with thousand of uninhabited small islets and some bigger islands with steep rocks or sandy eskers.

There are 2 main goals of this event:
- to have fun on the ice
- to make the longest day-trip with Ice-Blokart or 4-hour endurance relay race for teams consisting of 2 pilots.

All of us 6 will be staying in our own electric-heated cottage at the shore of the lake Päijänne. Of course, that the finnish sauna will be at our disposal, too! We will make 7 day-trips of Ice-Blokarting and will attempt to set the record of a distance traveled with the Ice-blokart per 1 day.

In case of bad ice conditions we will make one day trips of 50-200 km to other lakes with sailable ice. At the beginning of our tour we will get in touch with our colleague Reko Suojanen, Secretary of Finnish Iceboat Assosiation who has made numerous South-North-South Päijänne runs and if our plans match, will have a common sailing day with finnish ice-yachts.

There are no obligations with the plans - we will discuss everything as we will all meet in Finland to find out our common plans. The main point is to have fun and safe fun only!

Price per person: 885 Eur (the group size of 5 persons).
The price includes: Safety on the Ice course, Ice-Blokart and helmet rent for all the period, Minivan (7 seats) with trailer with 800 km mileage allowance in Finland, Pick-up at the Helsinki airport, 8 nights in the cottage with sauna at the shore of Päijänne lake.

For any inquiries please contact Matas Mizgiris at

Some interesting Facts on Finland and its weather:

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